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Many chimneys appear to be in fine condition on the outside, but inside it could be a completely different situation. Yesterday's chimneys were not designed for venting today's more energy-efficient appliances. The inside - the part you can't see - is what really counts when it comes to safety and efficiency.

There may be cracks and even pieces missing from the original clay liner. Older chimneys may not even have a clay liner. Mortar and bricks may be loose and falling, in addition to other deterioration. There may creosote build-up, or carbon monoxide may be leaking back into your home or sleeping quarters.

Lifetime Warranty
Using the HomeSaver® Pro™, The Chimney Specialists, Inc., will revitalize your chimney with a .006" thick layer of 315 Ti-alloy stainless steel. This stainless steel is specifically formulated to withstand the harsh conditions inside your chimney. Not only does 316 Ti-alloy withstand the corrosive environments found in gas and oil flues, but it also stands up to the high heat present in wood and coal flues.

The patented gas tight interlock system is unsurpassed in strength. HomeSaver® Pro™ has been tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories to their highest standards and it comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty includes damage caused by both fire and corrosion.



It happens thousands of time a year. Chimney defects result in injury and death from fire and from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Take a look inside your chimney.

Fortunately, all these problems can usually be corrected without completely rebuilding the chimney. The Chimney Specialists, Inc., will revitalize your chimney with a HomeSaver® Pro™ Chimney Relining System.
HomeSaver® Pro™ chimney relining systems fit every chimney configuration, and each system comes with a lifetime warranty.

HomeSaver® Pro™
is flexible so it can go through flue bends. Wood and coal installations require insulation.

Fireplace Inserts
HomeSaver® Pro™ can be ovalized to fit
through tight damper spaces. Wood and
coal installations require insulation.

Woodstoves and Wood Pellet Stoves
Furnaces and Water Heaters


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